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Thank you very much for your interest in Securitas Aurum. It is the task of our customer service to grant the best service that is possible and a transparent service to our present and future customers. Please only use our customer service in the cases listed under the main categories. If you should have general questions according to our business, on the website under the category “FAQ” (frequently asked questions) there is much important and helpful information available. If you already are customer of Securitas Aurum, you also find information according to the matter of “CSS and handling” in your personal CSS under the category “Important hints”.

All categories are permanently updated and extended by us.

The electronic customer inquiry system was created to facilitate the inquiries for you. You do not have to invent complicated formulations but can point out your desires by simple marking with a cross, in a concrete manner and within some seconds.

At the moment, we receive inquiries from 5 continents and more than 60 countries. By that system we have a guarantee that our customer service is able to classify and to deal with your inquiries without faults.

Thank you very much for your comprehension. During our common contract relation, we are going to contribute all our possible efforts to guarantee that you can recommend Securitas Aurum at every moment and without any remorse. We know that only satisfied customers will give further recommendations!


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